Tortilladora loved their logo but had one problem; it wasn’t digitized. They brought it to us to clean up and turn into a vectorized graphic that could be used on packaging and marketing. 

Equipped with a new logo, Tortilladora was ready to launch their product. Tortilladora Salsa was in search of eco-friendly and wallet-friendly package design. Even though the budget was tiny, they needed branding that was full of flavor.

Unlike most salsas you see on shelves, Tortilladora uses all-natural ingredients. It was important to highlight the ingredients in the label design. The salsa label needed to “pop” off the shelves and stand out from the rest. 

The salsa was to be sold alongside Tortitilladora’s fresh tortilla chips. Instead of purchasing expensive pre-printed bags, we used rice-paper (no plastic!) ziplock bags and used transparent stickers to appear as if they were custom printed. 

The bright green compostable chip bags complimented the glass salsa jars with a vibrant salsa sticker label. The fresh package designs were featured in the windows of Shop Made in DC.

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