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If you’re local to DC and find yourself wondering what restaurants are opening and closing in your favorite neighborhoods, why that car from Maryland is on fire, who lost the smartphone you picked up on the platform at Metro Center, how to reconnect with the anonymous cutie that just saved you from a minor calamity, how long the security lines at DCA are, or any number of pertinent daily queries related to DC life, that information probably flows to and from PoPville (always capitalize the 2nd P, folks) aka Dan Silverman.

Today PoPville is the definitive website and Twitter account for DC activities for those who want to be in the know and is, often, where the news get their neighborhood news.




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A random Twitter conversation led to Dan reaching out PRÜF to commission an update to PoPville’s logo for the site’s 16th anniversary — quite an achievement indeed. One of the core requirements was to retain the imagery of Dan’s favorite trees from his early days covering DC for PoPville (which has long had its most distinctive of branches pruned). PRÜF also sought to retain PoPville’s use of the Red, Yellow, and Green DC Metro line colors. Lastly, Dan asked us to instill the refresh with a fun callback to 70s-era type.

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PoPville’s following seemed to really enjoy the anniversary refresh!

What’s this? Oh, just some of the shirts PRÜF designed for PoPville making their way around the world…