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Bethany Kelley Realtor

When it came time to grow her brand, Bethany Kelley, a realtor in Northern, VA, reached out to PRÜF to get the help she needed, rather than creating more work for herself. Bethany came to us in January of 2021 with a very basic website supplied by her broker. That brochure site showed listings and nothing else. 

It wasn’t just about selling homes for Bethany – she wanted to establish long-term relationships with her clients. The conventional realtor website is more transactional and usually doesn’t facilitate building relationships. We came to the conclusion that her website needed to not only benefit prospective clients, but function in a way that could also provide value to existing clients well into the future. 

Together, we set about implementing this vision by building a site that informs and educates visitors, as well as provides information about key localities in the Northern Virginia real estate market. Now Bethany’s clients have a friendly and authoritative source to stay current on local events in addition to learning more about the buying and selling processes.


Bethany Kelley Realtor


Web Design 



PRÜF’s partnership with Bethany included incorporating Bethany Kelley Realtor’s new identity system into a custom site design, and ongoing maintenance of the new website, complete with informative pages specifically for buyers and sellers, call-to-actions and a blog. In addition, PRÜF set her up with analytics and reporting so she could see the results of her new site.

Web Design/Analytics and Reporting

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