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Brand building isn’t the easiest thing. We know from experience!

You’re probably a self-starter. A hard-working entrepreneur. A discerning business person. A bootstrapper. Like a lot of people, you’re also probably full of ideas and short on time. We know firsthand that crafting engaging marketing for your business can be really tough. The whole process can end up immensely frustrating and time-consuming when you’re doing it yourself.

Our mission is simple: to work with our clients to create websites, logos, packaging, and experiences that stand out and get them happy customers.

We see a lot of low-budget, DIY website solutions being thrown at businesses like yours every day, only to end up wasting money and time. We understand that entrepreneurs need quality online and offline presences that work together and drive sales, not just widgets that make you and your team hate your marketing and sales lifecycle.

Strategic, effective branding and marketing start with research, developing clear goals, a clear message, choosing smart tools, and using proven strategies for success. You don’t get that at $25/month. We’ll build upon that same foundation with attractive, bespoke design and a seamless experience for your clientele. Take a look at what you can accomplish with PRÜF by your side.

Solid Investments always make for smart business.

Your digital footprint is the most important member on of your sales team. You’ll get out of it what you put into it, so why wouldn’t you make sure your top earner is optimized for the very best return?

What we offer

Website Design and Development

Bespoke WordPress Websites

Your site should be priority one, as the most effective member of your marketing and sales team. PRÜF creates custom WordPress sites that reflect your brand, so there’s no doubt when someone walks through the door, they feel like they’ve already been there and they know you well. Oh, and our sites are always fully responsive so you can meet your clientele wherever they are, which is probably on-the-go. Let’s launch!

Identity Design and Branding

Your Brand is Not a Logo

That’s right, branding isn’t just designing a snazzy logo and calling it a day. Sure we can do that for you, but the true magic happens when we help our partners establish a full brand voice and visual identity. If you’re looking for logo design, sell sheets, apparel, packaging or really any custom graphics — we’ve got those bases covered. But while we’re at it, let’s bring your brand to life and tell a kickass story!

Reputation Marketing

Word of Mouth Can Be Manageable

Do you feel like your online reviews end up owning you rather than the other way around? We’ve got the perfect solution to take the power back: reputation management. Look, this isn’t complicated stuff. We use simple tools that let businesses monitor and respond to customer feedback across a wide variety of networks without you having to go scrambling out on the interwebs every morning to find out who’s been talking smack. Or we can do the monitoring for you!

Site Care 

Websites Aren’t “Set and Forget”

Think of site care like taking care of car: there’s an expectation when you drive a car off the lot, you’re going to perform some upkeep. Modern websites are no different — maintaining them is part discipline, part science. Maybe your site is a little long in the tooth, and you’ve got some outdated plugins. Maybe it’s just running really slow and needs a tune-up. Don’t worry, we’ll get you back up to speed! We’re here to take the pain out of site care, and keep your digital marketing running smoothly.

Brands We’ve Worked With


Ideas and tips to help your brand grow. And sometimes some self-promotion.

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